Essentials When Looking For Classic Car Transportation

There are plenty of vehicle transportation companies in and around Eastbourne if you need recovery services after a breakdown. And that’s usually fine for a run-of-the-mill car or van that’s important to you, so long as they turn up in a timely fashion and get you and your car to where you need to be. But what if you’re looking for classic car transportation? After all, a classic car is likely to be a project you’ve poured a good deal of time, money and love into.

You need a trusted company to handle car transportation in Eastbourne or elsewhere if your beloved motor needs moving from one place to another and can’t travel under its own steam, as it were! So how do you find the right company to do this? It’s a case of research and preparation.

Looking For Classic Car Transportation Eastbourne

Word of Mouth Is the Best Recommendation

Ideally, you’ll find a company with a long standing reputation for carrying out this kind of specialist service. Ask around local members of car clubs or other collectors, for instance. Alternatively, search the internet for companies in your area and look for one with testimonials from other classic car owners.

If you’re checking out a car or van transportation service online, make sure they specifically mention dealing with vintage or classic cars. That way, you can be more assured that they will understand there are particular dos and don’ts associated with moving a valuable vehicle.

What Kinds of Assurances Should You Look For?

Once you’ve found a company that says it’s skilled in classic car transportation, it’s well worth having a chat with them before you book their services. They should have questions they want to ask you too, to make sure they’re fully prepared for the job in hand.

  • Ask them how long they’ve been in the car transportation business – the more experience, the better as they will have encountered many of the typical issues and worked out strategies for dealing with them.
  • Ask whether they’ll move your car in an open or closed trailer. An open trailer is fine if your car’s a restoration project in progress, but if you’ve finished the job and the journey will be a long one, then you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is protected against the elements while in transit.
  • Check how they’ll secure your car to the pick-up vehicle. You should expect them to use nylon straps or special wheel nets to make sure the chassis isn’t damaged.
  • Get quotes, but don’t necessarily jump at the cheapest one. This is a specialist job and saving money on it can be a false economy.

Preparing Your Car for the Journey

Making the right preparations can also help prevent damage while your car is in transit. Give it a good clean and record any existing damage, discussing this with the transport firm so there’s no dispute at a later stage.

Don’t leave anything loose rattling round in the interior or the boot that might cause damage while your vehicle is being transported.

Provide the firm with any special instructions they might need on how to handle the car – any quirks that might affect it starting or running smoothly, any information about the alarm, battery and cut-off switches and so on.

A company that’s experienced in classic car transportation, whether in Eastbourne or further afield, should be able to reassure you that they know what they’re doing and will look after your car as if it was their own. Reliable Recovery is a company you can trust with your pride and joy – call us today.

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