What You Need to Know About Scrapping a Vehicle

Have you just bought a new car and don’t know what to do with your old one? Is your existing car is on its last legs and not worth the price of the repairs needed to get through its MOT? Then you’re probably wondering how to dispose of it. There are a few ways to do this and make some cash too, like breaking it down into saleable parts and disposing of each bit individually. But this can be really labour-intensive. Most people are just keen to get shut of the problem and enjoy their new car. So you may be keen to know the right way to go about scrapping your vehicle, because you could be facing trouble if you don’t know the pitfalls.

Scrapping a Vehicle Eastbourne

Why is It so Complicated to Get Rid of a Vehicle These Days?

It used to be easy to get rid of a car that you no longer needed. But the rules have changed, and that’s a lot to do with protecting the environment. In recent past, less scrupulous scrap dealers would gladly take any old car and strip off everything of any value that they could sell, like parts and metal generally. They weren’t bothered about proving ownership before doing so, either. Then, they might fly-tip the bits that weren’t accepted by scrapyards, like fluids and motor oil. Disposing of potentially harmful chemicals like this can be damaging to the environment and obviously, costs other people money to clean up.

So in 2013, the Scrap Metal Dealers’ Act was made law. Overall, the purpose was to prevent rising levels of metal theft, but it also covers the safe disposal of unwanted vehicles and their component parts.

How Do I Dispose of My Old Vehicle Safely?

First, find a dealer who’s licensed under the Scrap Metal Dealers’ Act 2013. They must hold and display the relevant licence issued by their local authority. If they can’t prove this to you, then you don’t have any proof your old car has been disposed of safely and legally.

You should also make sure you are no longer responsible under law for the car, otherwise you may find yourself still liable for road tax, not to mention any speeding or parking fines an unscrupulous individual might run up in your name. So it’s time to find your V5 ownership document and follow the instructions on there. Send the relevant part, the V5C, to the DVLA and that will notify them that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.

A responsible and properly licensed scrap dealer will also issue you with a Certificate of Destruction and should tell the DVLA also that the car is no longer yours.

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